Waldron Tate Bowen Land LLC represents clients in a vast array of real estate matters. Our attorneys have nearly thirty years of combined experience closing more than $4.5 billion dollars of residential and commercial real estate deals. We provide customized services tailored to fit the specific legal need of each client. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender, or broker, our firm has the experience and tools to serve your needs.

Waldron Tate Bowen Land LLC is committed to helping you obtain the best results for your real estate matter. Real estate matters handled by our firm include the following areas among others:

– Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions;
– Purchase/sale agreements;
– Drafting, Negotiating, and Reviewing Real Estate Contracts and Agreements;
– Reviewing Offering Plans;
– Real Estate Financing;
– Mortgages;
– New builds;
– Restrictive Covenants;
– Deed Agreements;
– Zoning, Land Use, and Eminent Domain;
– Liens;
– Easements and Right of Way;
– Adverse Possession;
– Boundary disputes;
– Encroachment and Encumbrances;
– Deeds;
– Quiet Title Actions;
– Homeowners Association;
– Cooperatives and Condominiums;
– Residential Leases and Subleases;
– Construction and Improvements; and

– Various other matters that assist our clients.

No one wants to go to trial. However, Waldron Tate Bowen Land LLC has extensive jury and bench trial experience. Our reputations precede us when we come to the negotiation table. With Waldron Tate Bowen Land LLC behind you the other side knows that you are ready and willing to fight them to the end. This provides an invaluable asset in avoiding costly litigation and maximizing your benefit in settlement negotiations.

Sellers and Buyers:

Whether you are selling or buying residential or commercial real estate property, our attorneys are cognizant of the inevitable time restrictions. We understand that speed and efficiency are imperative and necessary to successfully navigate a real estate deal through closing, and our real estate attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to achieve this.

Whether our real estate attorneys are drafting or reviewing a commercial lease/purchase agreement for your business or litigating a real estate dispute for you in court, we take pride in providing strategic legal solutions for our clients at a cost-effective price.

Contact our experienced lawyers today to review your needs and to assist you through your commercial real estate needs.

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Waldron Tate Bowen Land LLC represents individuals in all parts of Indiana. Through a team oriented approach, with a strong emphasis on communication with our clients, Waldron Tate Bowen Land LLC works to provide passionate and effective legal representation with a competitive fee structure in a variety of fields. Our office is located in downtown Indianapolis, close to the City-County Building. We have flexible options available to meet our clients at a convenient location if you are located outside of central Indiana and are unable to travel.

To schedule a free consultation, fill out our Free Consultation form, or call us at (317) 296-5294


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